How to Build Your First Surfboard
by Stephen Pirsch

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1-foam blank
2-2"x4"x8' wood stud & 1-1"x8" or 6-5 gal. buckets for stands
1-Sheet #16 grit floor sanding paper (from floor sanding machine rental company, #12 or #20 ok) or 1- 9" #16 sanding disk from could be used with an 8" block in place of the 10" below (better than #12 or #20)
2-#16 Aluminum Oxide etc sanding disks-5" (from )
2- #50 Aluminum Oxide etc. sanding disks-5"
1-foam pipe insulation
1-10"x4.5"x1" wood block with #16 sand paper
1-10"x3.5"x1" wood block with #50 sand paper
1-26"x3.5"x1" wood block with #50 sand paper (make sure it's not warped)
1- 12"x2"x1" wood etc. 1-6"x2"x3/8" wood etc.
1-small interior/exterior lightweight spackling, (if using polystyrene blank get large) or microsphere thickener.
1 - 10' Electrical Metallic Tubing


Based on 9' board with 1 -8oz-bottom., 1 -8oz-top with 1 -8oz deck patch.  Total laminating, hot coat, fin, and gloss coat resin (1.5 gal. minimum polyester resin or 1.5 gal minimum epoxy resin and hardener total). 7.5oz and 8.5oz cloth available at 8oz cloth available at
Catalyst-3oz min. (if using polyester)
Wax-2oz min. (if using polyester)
Cloth-8oz."E" or "S" glass 30" wide etc .x 9 yds. long minimum or 4.8 oz. carbon fiber 30" wide etc. x 7 - 9 yds. long minimum (use 9 yds. carbon total for a board with a deck patch) or 6oz. "S" cloth 30" wide etc. x  9 yds. long minimum
Disposable latex gloves (50 pair box)
2-10cc syringe (one for cat., one for wax)
2-Qt. mixing container with cc graduations.
2-2.5 qt mix. container w/cc's
Fin box(s) & Fin(s)

4"- 6" plastic squeegees (3 minimum) (4" easier for most people)
1" masking tape (chemical resistant type)
2" masking tape (cheap stuff o.k.)

Duct tape
Wax paper
Paper towels (plain white) and white rags
Cheap scissors (3 minimum)
Razor blades
Mixing stick(s)
Acetone-1 qt. - for polyester clean up. Use 90% alcohol for epoxy clean up.
Mason jar with lid (optional for acetone)
Cheap 4" natural bristle brushes or foam brushes (4 minimum)

Ofishl stick on leash plug, or 1" standard leash cup.
Optional-fiberglass rope (for glass on fins only) amt. varies
Optional-pigment for epoxy etc. 

Optional-1/8" nylon  leash rope (can buy 50' for the price of one piece at surf shop)


2003 by Stephen Pirsch, All Rights Reserved.

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