Empress Agrippina
by Stephen Pirsch

State of the Union Address

1.  Stop War

A.  Beware: The Empire will not tolerate war. Groups engaging in war will be annihilated. As you read this the American military industrial complex has been infiltrated by loyalsts to Agrippina's cause. This has been happening subversively for 20 years, and now all major resistance has been eliminated or replaced. The Empress is now Commander-In-Chief of a military force capable of totally dominating any warring group or country. The Empire's military is the most highly paid, thoroughly trained, and fiercely loyal force in history. The Trusted Few will represent Empress Agrippina, and the military will protect The Trusted Few from assassination. They will have the duties and life similar to the President of a large country. These Presidents, when not working, will live the life of their dreams, in order to make it practically impossible that they will be susceptible to bribery. The Empress will submit commands remotely by encrypted satellite phone. Her location and appearance will change randomly. No one is to be sure where she is or what she looks like. The Empire, generally, will not concern itself in relatively small conflicts involving hundreds of people. The Empire will terminate large scale war affecting thousands ...millions. Caution to those who will say Agrippina is a homicidal maniac and must be killed. Resistance to the Empire will quickly prove to be futile and fatal.

B.The Empress will totally control space, and control earth from space, using cameras, sensing equipment, lasers in satellites, and missiles guided from satellites and drone aircraft.

C. The Empire will enable the capability to simultaneously broadcast over all satellite TV channels.

D. Cessation of war will be initiated by broadcasting (so all earth can watch) a warning to warring groups that they are targeted and will be killed unless hostilities are ended. Tests of space based lasers, drone aircraft, and neutron bombs will be broadcast on all channels, displaying their destructive capabilities.

E. Groups continuing to wage war will be eradicated as the event is broadcast on all TV channels. Close up video of large groups of warring people being turned to a pile of ash, blown to bits, and vaporized, will be shown in high definition. Small warring factions will be targeted mostly by satellite based lasers, drones, jets, and bombers. Large warring factions will be vaporized by a neutron bomb, leaving the infrastructure intact. Infantry, artillery, and navy are to be rarely used. It is understood that innocent people will be killed. The Empress takes full responsibility. The goal is to terrorize the world away from war, and enter into a long period free from large wars (as in the Paux Romanus [Roman Peace] ).

F. Populations in areas of constant historic conflict, such as Palestine/Israel, will be warned, then if needed, relocated and given land and homes in a peaceful area. People dislocated by Palestinians or Israelis are to be sent to the Palestine/Israel area. Any further warring in these areas will be brutally crushed (as in Roman times).

F. Earth will be disarmed. melting weaponry, and refitting most military buildings, ships, planes, etc., for civilian uses. The great majority of all things military will be done away with. A relatively small (by U.S. standards) mostly space, and air force based military force will remain at the Empress' command. The infantry, naval, and armored forces will be mostly disbanded all over the world.

Although many will claim the Empire is a destroyer of personal freedoms, it will soon be clear that the Empire is curiously uninterested in people's personal beliefs, religions, or behaviors, and will only act on violations to the fourteen dictates mentioned herein. It will mostly be the rich who moan about loss of freedom. In time, a cult of Empress worship will arise from the world's burgeoning poor, although she will be referred to as the anti-christ at first.

2.  Reduce World Birth Rate

A. The total world population is to be reduced to 2 billion people.

B. All areas of world will be assessed for carrying capacity (maximum human population is to be based on local agriculture and water supply). One birth per couple is to be the maximum in over-populated areas until the assessed maximum is reached - then two and sometimes three births will be allowed. Violators will be left indefinitely at a geographically isolated area - Family Land (San Juan Island, Pitcairn Island, Easter Island, etc.,) with their families, and given minimal supplies (tents, shovels, seeds, heavy clothes, sleeping bags, and enough food and water for three months). Banished families will be monitored from satellites - a remotely activated explosive chip will be implanted onto their carotid artery. The chip will be linked to a GPS device which will be set to detonate when a designated latitude or longitude is reached. If detonated, the artery in the neck which feeds the brain will be blown apart, spraying blood in crimson pulses as the person becomes unconscious in a few seconds. Some sensitive folk will say Agrippina is a brutal and insane tyrant. She will agree she is brutal and if you spread revolt she will prove it by having you tied to a stake and slowly burned while alive. However, Agrippina is not without at least a shred of compassion; Family Land residents will be better supplied and have a better environment than No Man's Land residents below, and, if they survive, have a chance to return to their origins at a later date.

3. Reallocate Wealth

A. The gap between rich and poor will be reduced. Trillions of dollars worth of assets will be reallocated. There will still be major differences between earnings of different people, but this is to mostly reflect ingenuity and hard work, instead of reflecting the bad luck to be born in a poor country. Agrippina will attempt to slowly help the poor lift themselves to a $5000./year world poverty line. $500,000. will be the maximum amount of liquid assets any one person will accumulate. Non liquid assets such as businesses used for the public good will be allowed to accrue without restriction. The Empress is aware resistance and deception will occur. The wealthy beware: You and your associates are being watched. The Empress is monitoring your assets and will banish, torture or kill anyone hiding assets.

B. Much of the assets of the wealthiest 1% of people (who have about 50% of the worlds wealth) such as unused land, unused buildings and liquid assets in excess of $500,000. will be seized. This action, in conjunction with the Empire's overwhelming military, is the basis for the Empire's future plans - the way it will be financed. It will free trillions of dollars to help the worlds developing poor help themselves. These assets will be mostly used to help the 50% of the present world population who have only 1% of the wealth. These seized assets will also be used for the general public good. - such as incentives to: build nuclear power plants, subsidize small electric cars, expand and electrify rail systems, give a small land holding to everyone, and offer micro-loans to the public (as done in India). Although it is often said that the rich benefit from a poor society, this has proved to be fallacious. A person with more, spends more, and thereby makes the wealthy, and everyone else, wealthier. The question is: how much is enough?

1. It is clear to Empress Agrippina that disproportionate distribution of wealth is a major cause of misery, conflict, and war. Probably more than anything, people judge themselves as being happy or unhappy by how much they have in relation to their fellow man. It is the goal of Empress Agrippina to greatly reduce the difference in how much different people have.

2. The Empress understands that the mega- rich will target her and her trusted few with assassination. The mega- rich should be aware that they, and their assets are being constantly monitored and if linked to any assassination attempt, they will slowly have their skin pulled off, arms and legs dislocated, teeth drilled, hands and feet crushed, and then, if alive, left to slowly die while the world watches.

4. Stabilize Money Supply

A. The world's money supply will be standardized using gold, silver, and copper.

1. One standardized form of money will be used everywhere on earth. All money in circulation will be made of precious metals (gold, silver, and copper). Value of currency is to be directly related to the actual value of the metal it is made of. Funds can still be transferred electronically, but the transfer will be backed by precious metal.

2. The government will not be allowed to print or make money that is not actual precious metal even if it is backed by precious metal.

a. Study of history has shown the Empress that Fiat money (paper) never survives, and that usually within 100 years it is worth what it is printed on. The U.S. paper dollar is doomed to become worthless and is now backed by only about 1% gold. One hundred ounces of gold will buy a modest home in America, just as it could 100 years ago.

3. Credit cards are to be disallowed worldwide. Debit cards will be allowed - debiting only what is available in the bank. Fingerprint I.D. will replace debit cards and other I.D. Carrying I.D. will be a thing of the past.

4. Options and hedge funds, are now declared illegal. Traders will be able to bet on the future value of stocks, but only after paying full price for each stock (no margin buying).

5. Charging more than 15% per year on any loan is now illegal. Derivatives are now against the law.

6. Violators to numbers 1 - 5 will have molten copper poured down their throats, as the world looks on.

5.  Free Small Land Holding For Everyone on Earth

A. Each 14 year old will be given a minimum 1/4 Acre of land (more in marginal area) capable of growing food, with $100. initial micro-loan for development (more if paid back). This land can be used as homestead or for agriculture alone etc. If left unused ownership will be transferred back to the government for reallocation after 10 years. If improvements (house etc.,) are made, the property can be sold by the owner or transferred to the owners family. This land is to have rainfall of at least 20" per year and be capable of sustaining human life through some form of agriculture. Any unused, vacant land or buildings will eventually be recycled to new owners. People are to have some choice where the land would be located. An example is the thousands of garden plots commonly seen on the outskirts of German towns.

1. The Empress Agrippina intends to help the poorer 50% of the planet help themselves. 1/4 Acre and $100. may not appeal to a person in a developed country, but more than 2 billion people on earth earn the equivalent of $2. per day. For an amount which will only be inconvenient, the rich can help the poor to lift themselves to relative health and self-sufficiency.

2. Public service broadcasts will encourage whole food plant based diets and discourage animal products. This will prove to be healthier and more effecient, as most disease will decline, and less space, and money will be used for food production. It will be found that most of a persons food can be grown on 1/4 acre. After 2 years, those caught dealing in animal products will be stripped, smeared with blood, and chained to the ground, in a pig stye. Do not mistake any of this for soft heartedness towards animals. Excess animals will be made into cheap fertilizer.

6 .  Reduce Government

A. Most governments and government agencies, will be eliminated or gradually replaced with a one world government, private businesses or charities. A unified, simplified government will be instituted for the entire world (separate state, county, and city governments will be phased out from all over earth).

B. On a country wide trial basis, representative government (electing representatives etc.,) is to be replaced - each adult will represent them self alone using the internet to vote. Every adult will vote for extra laws applicable only to their area, but the basic one world government laws will still apply. World laws can be changed by world vote with Empress veto power. New laws will be submitted via the internet for possible approval by popular vote (5% of total possible voters agreeing it is worthy of voting on).

1. The French will say they tried self representation during the revolution, and it did not work. The French did not have the Empress. She will see to it that persons corrupting the system will be branded with CHEAT in one inch letters on their foreheads, whipped in public and made into slaves.

2. On a trial basis the voting age will be reduced to 14.

C. A 10% flat sales tax is now instituted worldwide - a 10% tax on all items sold. All other taxes are now repealed. No state, county, city, property, income, social security, school, hospital, or any other tax. The Empress is aware that this is a ridiculously small amount compared to the total tax most people have been paying. It may be that the flat tax amount will need to be increased but it is the policy of the Empire to reduce government rather than increase taxes. Beware: Those caught cheating on taxes will be branded with CHEAT in one inch letters on their forehead, whipped in public, and used as slaves (length of slavery determined by amount of taxes not paid).

1. Many of the services now offered by government will be eliminated. The Empire refuses to be responsible for risky behavior. The Empire refuses to become an insurance company, a retirement account, school, or hospital. . There will be no FEMA, no Social Security, no government schools, and no universal health care.

C. The law will be reduced, simplified and codified (as in the Napoleonic Code which is still used in many countries). After determining guilt or innocence, locally elected Judges will simply look up the offense in a code book and read the sentence. A person with a sixth grade education will understand the law. Lawyers will mostly be unneeded.

D. No appeals will be allowed. Corrupt judges can be replaced by petition submitted on the internet for vote. Beware: The Empress is monitoring the internet vote. Those caught voting dishonestly (for money etc.,) will be branded with CHEAT in one inch letters on their foreheads, and whipped in public. These cheats will become permanent slaves of the Empire.

E. On an experimental basis, jury trials are to be eliminated. The Empress knows because Judges experience people lying to them routinely, they are more adept at spoting a lier than a jury.

F. All drugs will be legalized and taxed as alcohol and cigarettes are. Prisoners in jail for drug offences are to be let out of jail, slowly. Prisoners jailed for crimes which were committed to support their drug habits will be banished as below.

G. Most two time felons are to be taken to a geographically isolated area (No Man's Land - Devils Island, Alcatraz, Guam etc.) and left there forever with minimal survival items (shovel, seeds, tent, heavy clothes, sleeping bag, and three months food and water). They will be monitored from satellites. A remotely activated explosive chip will be implanted onto the felons carotid artery. As mentioned in Family Land, the felon's neck artery will be blown apart if he tries to escape.

H. Minor offenders and some felons are to be used as temporary labor for public works.

I. Most jails will be closed and used for other purposes. Jails are to be used mostly for short term holding.

J. First degree murderers, rapists, thieves or embezzlers of $500,000., and the criminally insane will be cheaply terminated (broadcast on TV), or used for entertainment as in ancient Roman gladiatorial fights. The public is to be able choose its preference by voting. Rapists will be tried to a pole and confronted by women who have been raped. The raped women will be given clubs, and nutcrackers. Criminals such as the Enron executives, Madoff, Stanford, and countless other corrupt CEO's., will be tortured (broadcast on TV) until the trillions of dollars they have hidden is found and returned to its rightful owners. These executives will then be stoned to death by the people they cheated.

7.  Wean World Off Fossil Fuels

A. In order to create a bridge between fossil fuel depletion and renewable energy sources, restrictions will be removed on nuclear power plants. Iincentives will be given to build hundreds of new plants - especially the relatively safe pebble bed reactor plants. Pebble bed reactors are safer because they do not need water for cooling, do not rely on fuel rods to be lowered and raised, and are self limiting as higher temperatures cause less energy to be produced. Pebble bed reactors will function without overheating even with no cooling system, and are extremely unlikely to leak radiation. The simpler design which has safety built into the fuel pebbles eliminates the need of redundant back up cooling systems and the redundant power back ups that go with them. This simplifies the construction and reduces the cost.

B. Wind powered electrical generating corridors will be subsidized (as in Pickens Plan).

C. Electricity will be committed to as the dominant source of energy for future transportation. Electric rail systems will be subsidized and expanded.

D. The Empire will give incentives to car manufacturers to develop a vehicle that takes only 1/2 of the width of a normal car lane. Protypes have already been made. In congested areas one lane in multiple lane areas will be divided into two lanes. The narrow cars will seat one or two people with the second seat directly behind the front seat. The Empress intends to gradually reduce the 60% of total city space that is directly related to vehicles (roads, parking, garages etc.,) Agrippina imagines a world that uses only half the space (saving half the cost) now used for transportation - this is part of the Empire's future in a fossil fuel depleted world.

E. The dependence on personal automobiles, and truck shipping will be slowly phased out. Electric public transport, and electric rail shipping will be expanded and subsidized. Bicycling and walking will become safer, easier and more common.

F. The Empress intends to make it easier for poor people to get around. More and wider sidewalks will be built. Killing a pedestrian or bicyclist with a motorized vehicle will be punished by public execution. The killers will be put against a cement wall, rammed by their own vehicle, then run over. They will be left half alive, on camera, as the vultures tear their flesh.

G. Suburbia will be phased out. The shortsighted and massively wasteful American commitment to suburbia will come to an end. Incentives will be given to suburbanites so they will live and work either near the center of a small city, or town, or in an agricultural setting. The higher cost of energy in the future will cause suburbia to cease to be economical.

H. Life will become more local - an agriculturally based society with food grown mostly locally and consumer items made mostly locally. As fossil fuels deplete, it will become uneconomical to ship most items from the other side of the globe - The Empress for sees this will be a transition filled with denial, blame and suffering, but it need not ruin our economy if we prepare now. Agrippina is sure she will be blamed. She encourages you to blame her if it makes you feel better - complain all you like, but if you do anything about it she will have you crucifiied.


8.  Free Internet Service To All County Seat Areas

A. All books in the various libraries worldwide will be loaded on the internet for free public use, along with free classes. Many universities, bookstores, libraries etc., will be closed or re-fitted for another use. Teachers and other contributors will be paid by the Empire for submitting useful information. Pay will be according to usage and ratings by users, with special emphasis on raising the standard of living in developing countries.

B. Voting will be done by any interested adult using the internet at a free county seat terminals or another of their choosing. Voters will represent themselves alone - pure democracy.

9.  Change Building Codes

A. Buildings in cities and towns will be made to last for centuries, using block, brick, or concrete based materials (walls, floors and roofs as seen commonly in Latin America). All buildings, furniture and furnishings will be designed so they will not burn, rot, flood, or be eaten by insects. Fire insurance, and flood insurance will mostly become a thing of the past, as will many insurance companies, and most fire stations.

1. Complete, approved plans and instructions will be available for homes and businesses which can be submitted to a building permit department online. This is to be designed to work as easily as adding items to an online shopping cart and submitting it. The instructions will be designed so an average 14 year old can build an entire homestead, alone with hand tools.

B. People will not be issued building permits to build in areas where disaster is known to strike regularly. Nevertheless, Agrippina knows people will continue to build in risky locatios, such as: Below high tide (New Orleans), on a fault line (San Francisco), on the slopes of a volcano (Naples), where the land cannot support the population (Bangaladesh) or anywhere else history has shown disaster will strike regularly - such as ground level buildings on hurricane prone coast lines. The Empire will sit idly as these gamblers are drowned, crushed by debris, buried in ash, starved, and washed away.

D. On a trial basis, all new homes in selected areas for a number of years are to be self-sufficient - non dependent on outside services. The Empress will pay for the initial extra cost of electric, water, and sewer systems on these new homes, and for retrofitting other existing homes. The cost will be paid back to the Empire in installments.

1. Solar panels and/or wind powered generators will charge batteries and provide all electric power for selected homes. No outside electric lines will be connected to trial homes.

2. Water is to be collected from roof rain run off. A cistern (chlorinated) will be used for drinking, and showers etc. No outside water system is to be connected to trial homes - no new home water wells.

3. Compost toilets will be used for human excreta on trial homes (this can be electric or non electric). These toilets turn human waste into non - pathogenic (harmless) ash or dirt. Decomposed (harmless) compost (ash or dirt) will be spread on the yard, or garden etc. No outside sewer system is to be connected to trial homes. No fecal matter from pets or humans will be allowed to contaminate water anywhere (this can now be traced to it's source by DNA testing). No pet feces is to be allowed in city home yards - the number of pets (and people) in the world will be reduced by more than two thirds. Persons caught contaminating water will be thrown in a pit of liquefied feces. The pit will be surrounded by walls which have been greased so the violater cannot escape. Contaminators need not fear dieing of hunger or thirst; they can eat and drink liquified feces..

a. The current flush sewage system is very expensive, in the long run, and is prone to contamination. Most countries in the world do not have sanitary tap water - this is most often due to the sewer system leaking into the water system.

E. New communities in developing countries are to be designed and redesigned to be self sufficient (not dependent on supplies from thousands of miles away). Food growing, brick making, battery making, house building, tool making, health care, law enforcement etc, will be available in each county seat area - or each 50 square mile area (all over the inhabitable earth. Electric rail lines will link each county seat. This is to be laughed at by people in developed countries, but is revolutionary for the worlds developing poor. Incentives are to be given for people to transition to live in areas that are not dependent on foods, fossil fuels and pumped water from hundreds of miles away to support human life. The Empress forecasts that the desert cities will soon start to lose their recent population boom.

1. The community design mentioned above is to be mostly for new developing areas. Although many will disagree, Agrippina believes the developed countries have no serious problems, and the Empire will mostly ignore them. For the most part the relatively minor problems of the developed world are caused by too much of everything - not a little too much - for most, more than ten times too much. No doubt the people of the developed world will hate the Empress, for making them share.

F. Growth of mega cities will be discouraged. Growth of towns surrounded by good agricultural land with at least 20" of rainfall is to be subsidized. Small, family farms growing food for their own consumption will be given micro loans and incentives.

10.  Fund Giant Research Compound

A. Initially, Agrippina will spend more on research than has ever been spent in history. These expenditures are to be reduced as the goals below are met.


B. Priority is to be given to find out what promotes harmony, and a feeling of well being in the populace.

1. What form of government works the best, or has the most fulfilled populace?

2. What economic system works the best, or has the most fulfilled populace?

3. What promotes happiness over a lifetime? Extensive tests will be done with different volunteer groups. Example: Agricultural commune, hunter gatherer tribe, high tech. group, pure capitalist group, pure socialist group, group with everyone having exactly the same amount of material goods.etc A small population of earth will be allowed to live a life as totally unaffected by the rest of the world as is possible, and be monitored remotely.

1. It is clear to Empress Agrippina that having a population of competent, generally satisfied workers is something worth investing in. People who like their jobs are almost always very competent at work and bisaversa. The Empress believes in discovering what each persons special, genetically influenced talents are, and what they will be most satisfied doing. Children will be tested at elementary school levels for talents, and inclinations which will give them advantages in certain occupations, and asked what they would prefer between a number of occupations. For example: people with a mind for mathematics have been shown to also be very good musicians, but seldom does one person enjoy both. Agrippina will pay to have training adapted to talent and inclination from Elementary School level on. Parents and students can opt out of the specialized program, but if they withdraw, The Empress will withdraw financial support, and the students' earnings in later life will no doubt suffer. Of course, any student can quit school at 14 and work the free land they will now own. Many 14 year olds, trained for their occupation from 6, will be finished with their training and released to work. The present haphazard method of job choice by trial and error will be curtailed. Choosing a career because of a childhood fantasy, or more likely, simply not knowing what to choose, then quitting or being fired from job after job in a search for the perfect job is to be discouraged for everyone's sake. The delay of maturity now seen in all developing countries will not exist in the Empire.

2. The Empress knows there is a huge gap between what people say makes them happy and what is good for people generally over a lifetime. This gap will be explored and an attempt will be made to reduce it. It is understood some people will choose to be miserable,

C. Research will be done to benefit the public in the following areas:

1. Energy - nuclear, wind, solar, and passive systems.

2. Transportation - focusing on small, inexpensive, electric vehicles and electric trains (wean off fossil fuels)

3.. Housing - focusing on owner built, self-contained. concrete based homes, which are not dependent on outside sources for energy, water, and sewer.

4. Small family farms - focusing on sustainable methods of growing healthy food for self sufficiency (especially for developing countries).

5. Vaccines - especially for Malaria and AIDS.

D. The progress of the research above will be available to anyone online. A large cash prize (up to $500,000.) will be offered to any person who offers a useful addition to one of the categories above or a new category that will be useful to the Empire.

11. Change Time

A. On a limited trial basis the decimal system will be used for time. A year will consist of 365.2422 days with each day being simply it's number. 10 hour day. 100 minute hour. 100 second minute (We are still using a time system that is based on ancient Egyptian religion and faulty thinking - 12 moon cycles, about 354 days, do not equal a year and our current months do not correspond to moon cycles). 12, 24, and 60 (part of Egyptian religion) are all time consuming. The Egyptians realized the flaws in the system, but, as in other cultures, could not easily remove its acceptance by the public.

B. On a limited trial basis it will be the same time everywhere on earth. This will make it unnecessary to figure different times in different time zones or to reset clocks (our time zones are a remnant of a system created during the early explorations of the world in order to help sailors navigate). Note that people would still go to sleep at the same time relative to the sun. A person in America might go to sleep at 10 while a person in China might go to sleep at 5 (ten hour day). An American traveling to China might think it strange to try to sleep at 5, but is this any worse than to try to sleep at 10 and feel half a day out of sync (jet lag)?

1. It is clear to Empress Agrippina that the measurement of time has been accepted mindlessly by most cultures just as language has. Where cultures have not been exposed to the currently accepted norms they have, at times, improved on them (such as time keeping - The Mayans and the exact determination of May 10 for planting).

12. Institute All World Metric System

A. Institute the metric system for all official measurements worldwide. The U.S. will be forced to surrender it's curiously stubborn adherence to the time wasting English system (which even the English do not use).

13. Provide Limited Health Care

A. Vaccinations will be provided for all infants worldwide (as in developed countries).

B. Swift treatment will be given for diseases threatening to spread outside their local area (quarantine).

C. People showing disregard for the health of others (to the point of death) , will be infected with the Ebola virus, and locked in a sealed concrete room with an online camera. The public can watch as bleeding pustules form a layer of black skin which will slugh off. Blood will flow out of every orifice, as internal organs liquify. All people with HIV/AIDS will be branded with the word AIDS in two inch letters on their foreheads.

D. The Empress will subsidize the training of local, rural health care workers with emphasis on prenatal, midwife and infant care (as in India).

E. The time and cost of training doctors and nurses (and other occupations) will be cut in half. Doctors and nurses will have ot choose a specific career path (such as oral surgery) by the end of theri first year in medical training (when they will be exposed to a little of everything). After the first year their curriculum will be for their choosen specialty only, making it about half what it was.

E. Persons who: 1. Are more than 60 lbs overweight. 2. Refuse to quit smoking. 3. Refuse to quit eating animal products. . 4. Are non compliant with treatment requirements (such as a diabetic repeatedly having blood sugar above 200)., will not be allowed to participate in any health care system (unless they pay cash).

F. Lawsuits against health care agencies or health care workers will be only be allowed if malicious intent can be proved. Lawyers and claimants found bringing any lawsuit without merit will have their head severed and stuck on a pike above the court house door.

G. It is questionable whether some procedures, treatments, or surgeries are worth the cost. The following will be considered for restriction or elimination:

1. Intensive care for infants born less than 28 weeks from conception (more than three months premature).. This costs millions the first 6 months, and the problems continue for a liftetime.
2. Triple heart bypass surgery (over $300,000.) and other heart surgeries. The number of heart surgeries doctors will want to do in the near future will stagger the system.
3. Organ transplants (all)
4. MRI, CAT scan, and the endless lab tests (all need to be severly restricted).

It may be found that the only way to contain costs of surgery is to fly the patients to countries such as India, where Indian doctors, trained in the U.S., do surgeries at less than 10% the cost in the U.S. Ofcourse, people able to pay $500,000. in cash for surgery in the U.S. can do so.

Once again, the Empire is not a universal health care agency.

As world population is reduced and dispersed, many health problems will disapear, along with many social and environmental problems.

The Empress believes there is a benefit to future generations by allowing the suvival of the fittest to function as it did in most of human history.

Revise The English Language and World Signs

A. Although English, in it's present form is a poor choice for a universal language, the Empress realizes it will continue to be the dominant choice until sometime after the inevitable decline of America. The revisions below have been proposed by many, but have never been adopted due to no one having the power or fortitude to force them into being. The Empress will insure there is one correct form of English for the entire world. All children will be taught a minimum of 100 English words from C. K. Ogden's Basic English (a revised and simplified form of English). These words will comprise common phrases useful for travel and international business. Spelling will be revised according to Noah Webster's essay on spelling reform in 1789, or Newspelling by Douglas Crawford (similar). Those who refuse to adopt the revisions into print will have the revisions below tattooed into the skin of their chest using a mallet, a dull comb and black soot. They will then be used for labor in public works for a period equal to the amount of print violation (one day per page).. The following will save money and time, and facilitate learning:

1. Words are to be spelled as they are spoken. See :http://edweb.sdsu.edu/people/DKitchen/new_655/webster_language.htm
2. Double and silent letters will be eliminated. bread = bred
3. Plurals will be made by simply adding s or es; (mouse - mice), (goose - geese), (child - children) will now be (mouse - mouses), (goose - gooses), (child - childs).
4. The past tense will be formed by simply adding ed; (eat - ate), (sit - sat) (sleep - slept) will now be (eat - eated), (sit - sitted), (sleep - sleeped).
5. Many English letters, and letter combinations are illogical, redundant, or useless, including; c, y, x, ph, ou, ie, ei, ea, ch, th, ugh, ique, ck. These will be revised.
5. s will replace the soft c.
6 . k will replace the hard c.
7 . ph = f. phone = fone
8. o will be eliminated from ou. rough = ruf
9. ie, ei, or ea = ee; grieve, ceiling, mean, = greev, ceeling, meen
10. soft ch = sh; machine = mashine
11. hard ch = k; character = karakter
12. th = th or `th; the or `throw
13. ugh = w or f; daughter = dawter. tough = tuf.
14. ique = eek; oblique = obleek
15. g making the j sound = j; logical, magical = lojical, majical.
16. ck = k;. rock, dock = rok, dok.
17. x = ks;. box, sox = boks, soks
18. with x replaced by ks, x can now more properly be used as the sh sound in television and fission = televixion and fixion
19. dipthong ow = o-w
19. Other vowel sound differences would be formed by a mark over the letter o = `o
20. Words with commonly confused multiple meanings will be revised - serve has 18 meanings, measure has 16 meanings, charge has 13 meanings.
21. Words that are confused because they sound the same but have different meanings will be revised - sum & some, dear & deer.
22. English now has more ways to say, utter, declare, state, speak, express, voice, annunciate, and articulate than any other language. Certain unneeded words will be eliminated.

The changes above will make sentences that look like the following: The ruf, meen dawter on the dok, greeved at the karakter on the fone.

. Note: As can be seen above, English is so littered with irregularities that to revise it almost creates a new language. So be it. Agrippina will revise it and regulate it. Be aware that The Empires' English will sound the same as the old English - only the written form will change. The Empress will offer free dictation software so spoken words can be input through a computer microphone and changed to the official written words. The Empress will institute the teaching of C. K. Ogden's Basic English (revised) for the official universal language (now available for free online), and will do feasibility studies on using Esperanto as the universal language in the future (also now free online with audio).

B. Universal symbols will be used worldwide for street signs.

In Conclusion

The Empire will stop war, reduce population, redistribute wealth, stabilize money, give land, reduce government, reduce fossil fuel use, institute self representation, change building codes, fund research, change time, change measurement, change health care, and change language. Many will claim Agrippina and her minions are megalomaniacs, and should be stopped. Those acting on these claims will find themselves: with skin pulled off, with arms and legs dislocated, with fingers and toes crushed, with teeth drilled, with neck arteries exploded, with molten copper poured down their throat, eaten by pigs, banished forever, made into slaves, branded, whipped raw, tattooed, crucified, and stoned.